Create and Track Goals

Setting up goals in Google Analytics is a great way to see if your traffic is converting!

One of my favorite things to set goals up for is email subscribers. With this goal in place I can see which posts and traffic sources are converting the most subscribers

I also use Goals to track my course sales to better track where they are coming from.

Create a goal for newsletter subscribers

Step One: Create a thank you page on your website, thanking subscribers for signing up for your list.

Step Two: Head to your email service provider and adjust the setting so that when the form is completed, subscribers are sent to your custom thank you page.

Convertkit instructions (see directions under Settings, and redirect to another page)

Mailchimp instructions

Step Three: Set up the goal in analytics. From your dashboard navigate to Admin > View > Goals > + Goal

Under Goal Setup, select the Custom dial, continue

Name your goal and then select Type = Destination, continue

Under Goal details change the destination drop to do Equals to. In the blank field, put the slug portion of the the thank you landing page. Example, my thank you page is so /pillars-thanks is the portion I put into the field.


Now you'll be able to see goal conversion rates on almost every page in Google Analytics. This does not apply to past traffic, just traffic moving forward.

The Pinterest Dashboard and Pinterest + More Studio also show conversion rates for goals.